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Project Information

Address: Mithatpaşa Mah. Bülent Ecevit Cad. Sokak 61 Merkez ZONGULDAK

Phone: +90 (372) 220 08 33
Website: www.kilergyo.com
E-mail: info@kilergyo.com

Developer Company: Kiler REIC
Contractors: Beyaz Çınar Yapı İnşaat Emlak Yönetim Hiz. Ltd. Şti
Contract Type: %50 Kiler REIC / %50 Kadir Caner
Land Area: 6.268 m²
Total Sale/Rent Area: 5.500 m² Residential / 18.000 m² Shopping Mall
Starting Date: 2014
Completion Date: 10 May 2017
Status: Construction works have been completed and the shopping mall has started to operate as of April 2017. The sale of a small number of residences remains.

Residence + Shopping Mall Project developed by Kiler REIC has a construction area of 48,500 m² and its location has a potential to create a new attraction centre in the district mostly accommodating residential areas that are designed supplementary to the current trade centre.